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Acne Breakouts: How Chinese Medicine Can Heal Skin

Many arrive at Chinese medicine because nothing else they have tried so far has worked - and skin disorders are no exception. With skin conditions, most have tried many over-the-counter and prescription creams, cleansers, and masks along with crazy diets and detox cleanses over the years to no avail with many at their wit's end.

Acne is one of the most common diseases in dermatology. It occurs at puberty in almost everyone to some extent, some can start in adulthood, many persist for decades. The good news is acne is very amenable to treatment with Chinese medicine and lifestyle changes. Here are some reasons to give Chinese medicine a try:

1. Chinese herbs can be used both internally and topically to treat acne.

The look of your skin reveals a lot of information about what is going on internally. When most people talk about acne, they might mention it's worse with PMS, or if they eat fried food or too much ice cream, or even stress can aggravate their skin - and all of these do affect the entire body with your skin being its largest organ. This is where we want to focus on your acne, as lifestyle changes and internal herbs can get to the root of the problem.

Topical products, such as masks, creams, toners, and serums are a proven adjunct to providing some measure of immediate results, but combining internal and topical treatment is the most effective way to achieve lasting results.

2. Chinese medicine is unique to the individual.

Most often in Western medicine, people are prescribed birth control pills, antibiotics, or isotretinoin, which can all have unwanted to outright dangerous side effects. Herbalists consider the whole picture and ask themselves: How much redness is there? How oily is the skin? Where is the acne located? Are there pimples, pustules, is it cystic, or all three? Is there any scarring? How is the digestion? What does menses look like? Are there other external factors involved like drinking, smoking, an on-the-go diet, or stress?

The answers to these questions paint a picture of your overall health and help your practitioner determine your pattern, or imbalance. The treatment is then created specific to your pattern, and as your pattern changes, so does your treatment.

3. Chinese medicine is safe in the hands of a trained professional.

Chinese herbal medicine is considered safe, with very little risk of side effects, as long as it is taken as directed by a professional. Being "herbal" doesn't automatically make a treatment safe, as herbs are medicine and anything strong enough to fix you can also harm you if taken incorrectly. Make sure your herbalist has training or experience with treating skin conditions and verify that they are committed to sourcing products from a reputable pharmacy - they should clearly share their sources, so if the information is not readily available on their website make sure to ask.

There is no quick fix. Chinese herbs can't help everyone for the same reason your Western prescriptions didn't work (and most likely why you are checking us out) - we are all unique individuals. Chinese herbal medicine is a holistic system, treating each person's unique constitution and getting to the root of your acne. We might be biased, but we think you have good reason to hope for clear, radiant skin.

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