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Dr. Amber Hincks is in-network with most major insurance carriers, including, but not limited to, Kaiser, CHP, Pacific Source, Aetna, MODA, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oregon (and many other states), Providence, and United Healthcare (out-of-network with Medicare under United Healthcare).

Dr. Amber Hincks, DACM, LAc, FABORM
Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine Practitioner

  • Languages: English

  • Education: DACM, FABORM

  • Pronouns:  She, Her, Hers


There are two beliefs that I know to be true: Love and Change. They are simple guiding forces.  


Love: We need connection, care, community, and belonging. The Harvard Study has gone on for over 75 years, and the biggest indicator of long-term health was having deep, meaningful relationships. I try to build relationships with patients, but more than anything, I want you to have a quality relationship with yourself and self-love. I give you the tools to nourish your body and spirit and help release physical and emotional barriers. Sometimes this is slow work. We talk, in Chinese Medicine, about peeling back layers of an onion. Often the first layer is working on physical pain. But healing those deeper layers is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves.


"The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them." - Elizabeth Gilbert.


Change: All things change. No moment is the same as the last. So I try to live with gratitude for what I have now and know that any suffering will one day shift. We may sometimes feel as if we have no control over our circumstances. However, we can position ourselves to be adaptive and manifest the types of change we want to see. We can cultivate resilience by recognizing the areas where we tend to get stuck in our physical and energetic patterns.


Beyond my personal philosophy, here are some nuts and bolts about me:

  • Doctoral degree in acupuncture with a focus on integrative medicine

  • Practicing acupuncture in the Portland metro for 13+ years

  • Faculty in multiple acupuncture and herbal medicine programs, including OCOM and NUNM

  • Studied Thai massage, shiatsu, and tuina - love to incorporate bodywork

  • A fellow with ABORM - a specialty certification in reproductive health and fertility

  • Trained as a birth doula and have a lot of experience with acupuncture in pregnancy and birth


Things I love to treat:

  • Women's health concerns - fertility, menstrual disorders, menopause, PMS, sexual health

  • Headaches, jaw pain, neck and upper back pain

  • Mental-emotional health

  • Respiratory disorders and allergies

  • The whole person


I live in Southwest Portland with my partner, Allen, and our 3 boys. You will often find me off in the woods or up on a mountain, hiking, rock climbing, or snowboarding. I also sing

with the Portland Threshold Choir.


I look forward to partnering with you in health.

(503) 530-8097

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