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COVID-19 Policy

We are considered a healthcare facility under Oregon Medical Board and the Oregon Health Authority.  All rooms are thoroughly sanitized between patients, and medical-grade HEPA air purifiers are continuously running in the patient rooms and lobby.



On April 3, 2023, the Oregon Health Authority lifted the mask mandate for healthcare facilities. As of this date, we will become a mask-optional business.

We understand the safety concerns for our high-risk patients and want to be clear that we are more than happy to accommodate any mask requests. We see high-risk, immunocompromised, oncology, and post-operative patients, and we take your care and safety very seriously.

We will continue to provide surgical masks at the front desk, thoroughly disinfect rooms after every patient, continuously run medical-grade HEPA filters in each treatment room and the lobby, and provide hand sanitizer.


If you are feeling unwell, please call ahead to see if treatment is appropriate for you as Chinese medicine has much to offer in treating acute conditions. We want to help you get well quickly and completely, so an herbal telemedicine appointment may be an option for you.

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