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No Tipping Policy

We cannot actively support our patients, clients, and neighbors if we are not profitable. We sincerely believe that we cannot pour from an empty cup.  Without competitive service pricing, we are not able to help our team thrive and reach their financial goals through better and consistent wages. Thriving team members lead by example by going out into our community and supporting our neighbors and the economy. 


In our business model, we wanted to ensure that our team’s financial security was reinforced by our health and wellness center's mission, vision, and values of a collective workplace culture and stable employment model. Tipping turns an appointment into a transaction instead of a consultation. This No Tipping Policy keeps the focus on your treatment plan and collaborative health care. Maintaining integrity and dependability, consistently seeking quality and respect, and filling our cup first allow us to encourage each other, our guests, and our community to thrive. ​The best tip you can give is to come back to Wú Wéi Wellness – and don’t forget to tell your friends!

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