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Ask us how to get your own Celluma RESTORE.  The first device that is FDA-approved to treat hair regrowth, wrinkles, and pain.

Hair Regrowth

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, 40% of women have visible hair loss by the time they are age 40, and 30 million women and 50 million men suffer from hereditary hair loss.  The most common causes for hair loss in both men and women include genetics, age, cancer treatment, childbirth, chronic illness, stress, hormone imbalance, scalp infection, medications, skin conditions, thyroid disease, nutrient deficiencies, and hair care treatments.  It is important to know that losing between 50 and 100 hairs a day is normal.  

As you can see, there are many reasons for hair loss, but know there is hope if the hair follicle isn't damaged and the earlier treatment is started, the better chance there is for regrowth.  With this said, if you have received permanent hair removal treatments, such as laser hair removal, hair regrowth is not possible due to the damage to the hair follicle.

In Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, lifestyle changes, and herbs can accelerate hair growth by creating balance by addressing the specific reason for your hair loss and treating the inside.  For example, many women lose hair after the birth of a child.  In TCM, the woman has suffered from Qi & blood deficiency from the growth and birth of a child, which has deprived the hair of the nourishment it needs.  Treatment would include diet, internal and/or external herbs, and/or the use of needles to return balance to the body.

Wú Wéi Wellness also utilizes FDA light therapy to restore hair growth.  There is a package offered at Wú Wéi Wellness that would incorporate all the tools that are available in-house to treat hair loss.  As a stand-alone therapy, the recommended course of treatment for hair regrowth with the Celluma RESTORE is 30 minutes every other day for 16 weeks.  The Norwood-Hamilton Scale and Ludwig-Savin Scale are used to determine if light therapy would work for an individual.  Celluma RESTORE is FDA-cleared to treat hair loss in males and females with skin types I-IV but is unsuitable for skin types V-VI.  Celluma RESTORE is not FDA-cleared to treat the stages of hair loss that are greyed out in the picture below.

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