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Hatha Yoga


How should I prepare for my class?

  • Wear lightweight, comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement.  Yoga is practiced on bare feet.

  • Please bring a yoga mat and your own water bottle.  Yoga blocks, bolsters, straps, and a blanket/towel will be provided.  We do have filtered water in the studio for a refill.

  • Be sure to eat a snack or small meal two hours before class.

  • Do drink plenty of water before and after your class.

What does the class consist of?

Yoga is an ancient practice of relaxation, exercise, and healing.  This dynamic moving meditation can help you stay calm and focused and practice compassion toward yourself and others.  The practice of mindfulness, or a present moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, and sensations within your environment, involves acceptance without judgment - where you are at today is exactly where you need to be.  With many different types of yoga offered, there is something for every preference and experience level.

Yoga has been shown to have a variety of benefits which include: an improved sense of well-being, deeper sleep, increased relaxation, better mood, improvements in anxiety and depression, improved posture, increased flexibility, improved strength, and reduced pain.

Depending on class size, yoga mats are lined up with the top of the mat toward the front of the room, with some space for expansion.  Once in the studio, find your mat space, quietly collect your props, bring in your bottle of water, and settle into your mat, bringing your awareness into the room and your breath - we will take it from there. 


Stuff happens - we totally get it!  But unfortunately, we cannot let latecomers in once the class has started.  Every class starts and ends on time in order to provide a peaceful experience for all.

What about after?

The more you practice, the quicker you will notice the benefits of yoga.  It is recommended that a healthy yoga practice is around three to five times a week as this gives you adequate time for rest, recovery, and staying injury-free.  The key is to find an amount of practice that feels balanced for you - balance is as critical as consistency is.  Remember, yoga is about the practice and the process, not the progress.

Deepak Chopra

Yoga Journal

Global Wellness Institute

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