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Natural Herbs

Whole foods and Chinese herbal medicine are part of the same spectrum of nutritional therapy. Many foods have medicinal properties, and many medicinal herbs are also foods. Chinese herbal medicine is the most advanced and ancient system of herbalism ever developed. Over thousands of years, the Chinese learned how to combine herbs with synergistic healing properties to produce powerful and balanced formulas. These formulas can be customized to meet the individual patient’s needs, and rarely have side effects.

Chinese herbal medicine offers safe, effective therapy for a wide variety of ailments, including:

  • Colds, Flu & Bronchitis

  • Allergies

  • Acute & Chronic Pain

  • Digestive Disharmony

  • GERD (Acid Reflux)

  • IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease)

  • Hemorrhoids

  • Asthma

  • Migraines

  • Hypertension

  • Fatigue

  • Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Seborrhea Dermatitis & Other Skin Disorders

  • PMS & Menstrual Pain/Dysfunction

  • Hot Flashes & Menopausal Symptoms

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Insomnia

How herbs are administered in Chinese Medicine will depend on the circumstances or condition. Herbs may be applied topically to the skin or they may be added to a foot soak. Often herbal medicine is taken by making a decoction (herbal medicinal tea), drinking granules (think instant coffee), or taking pills or tinctures.

Chinese herbal medicine is medicine and comes as a prescription.  As such, it should always be prescribed by a qualified, Board-certified practitioner. The use of over-the-counter formulas is not recommended without first consulting a professional.

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